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Set system locale on Linux

How to change language using localectl set-locale

Locales consist of a set of environment variables to define language, country, and character encoding for applications and shell sessions on a Linux system. These environment variables are used by system libraries and country-specific applications on the system.

The locale affects the time and date format, first day of the week, numbers, currency, and many other values formatted according to the language or region (country) set on a Linux system.

The locale and localectl utility provides information about the currently installed locale and changes it when needed.

Output a list of all available locales.

Change system locale

If you want to change the locale, the update-locale and localectl command is used. The LANG variable can be used to set the locale for the entire system.

The following command sets LANG to de_DE.UTF-8

To set a locale for a single user, you can simply open the file .bash_profile and add the following lines.

For Debian 10 (Buster), the dpkg-reconfigure service program is a good way to set the system locale.

The locale settings are located in the following files.

  • /etc/default/locale – Ubuntu/Debian
  • /etc/locale.conf – CentOS/RHEL

These files can also be edited manually using a preferred command line editor, such as Vim or Nano, to configure the system locale.

Further help can be found in the man pages.

How to PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer

How to enable PDF preview and file icons in Windows Explorer

Sumatra PDF is a small, fast and flexible PDF viewer kept in minimalist design. The free software can be installed on Windows and is alternatively available as portable software, which can also be used for operation with a USB stick.

this is how it is done

Figure: Windows Explorer PDF Preview

Enable PDF preview in Windows Explorer with Sumatra PDF

The Sumatra PDF Reader allows thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer, with the option enabled during installation, with options open, and “Windows should preview PDF documents” be enabled.

The Sumatra PDF Reader can be downloaded here.

In Windows Explorer, you activate the preview window in the ribbon under View, and for the file icons in the Layout – Large Symbols or Extra Large Symbols box.

Figure: Windows Explorer – View – Preview Window

Adobe Reader PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer

For Adobe Reader users, activation is in the menu under Edit – Settings – General – Enable with Hacking in Checkbox at “PDF Miniature Preview in Windows Explorer”.

Illustration: Adobe Reader Settings

Foxit Reader Windows Explorer PDF Preview

There is no preview setting for the Foxit Reader, Foxit is also free, the preview handler is automatically activated during installation in Windows Explorer.

Outlook printing is not possible

Cannot print unless an item is selected

Outlook 2019 (Office 365) displays an error message when you try to print an email. The error happens both when trying to print via file > as well as with right click -> quick print, the same error message always appears. However, documents from Word or Excel can be printed on the printer.


Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item, and then try to print again.

Outlook: Cannot print unless an item is selecetd


Exit Outlook and open File Explorer, type in the address bar %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook, and go to the Microsoft and Outlook directory: The full path is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook. Search for the file outlprnt, if it exists, it can be deleted (only this one file). The next time You start Outlook, the outlprnt file is regenerated, so the error is fixed and emails can be printed again.