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Synology DSM with SSH Terminal

How to deploy GateOne terminal emulator SSH client on Synology DSM

GateOne is a web-based HTML5 driven open-source terminal emulator with a powerful SSH client that can be used to run any terminal application from the browser and provide virtual terminal connections. GateOne can be used as a supplement to web-based management interfaces. This post shows how to deploy and use GateOne with Synology DSM.

GateOne for each browser they supports WebSocket, a browser plugin is not required

Run Synology DSM SSH Client ping

Synology DSM does not provide a way for diagnostic tasks such as ping or traceroute, with an embedded SSH client these functions comes available. The GateOne SSH client offers other useful applications, such as bypassing a proxy, or if there is no VPN to the NAS and the firewall only allows port 443 (HTTPS) for the browser.

GateOne is not provided or managed by Synology itself, but can be retrieved from the SynoCommunity repository. The SynoCommunity offers free packages for Synology NAS devices.

Note. GateOne version 0.9.3 for DSM 5/6, support for DSM 7 is currently not available (23.8.2021).

How to add the SynoCommunity repository

From DSM you open the main menu with the icon at the top left, there you will find the package center.

Synology Package Center

Click on the Icon Package Center to open it, then on button Settings.

Synology Packet Center Settings

In the General pane that opens, under Trust level, select Synology Inc. and Trusted Publishers.


Then go to the Package Sources section.


Click the Add button and insert the package source, enter SynoCommunity as the name and paste the URL for location and click OK.


Now packages can be installed from SynoCommunity, here you enter gateone in the search field at the top of the magnifying glass.

After GateOne appears from the community package source, the app is provided by clicking install.

There are now many possible applications with GateOne.

Note. In order to be able to access the NAS itself via SSH, the SSH service must be activated in the DSM control panel, how to do it can find here. The most commands require sudo permission, i.e. sudo ping.

What is Websocket ?

The WebSocket protocol is a TCP-based network protocol that was designed to establish a bidirectional connection between a web application and a WebSocket server or a web server that also supports WebSockets

How to register vSphere license Key

Register Hypervisor ESXi and get the license key for ESXi Trial and Free

vSphere Hypervisor ESXi 7.0 is valid for 60 days after installation, if you want to continue using the hypervisor without enterprise features after 60 days, may for further evaluation in the lab, you can register a free license key, add it in vSphere, under Manage – Licensing – Assign license.

vSphere ESXi Hypervisor License Assign
vSphere ESXi Hypervisor

A new license key for unlimited use can be registered on VMware Communities here. To do this, it is necessary to register new account with a valid email using the Register with Sign up now link.

vmware customer connect sign-up

Sign up now opens the registration form.

  A new account was created here, due product registration was not possible with an existing account, if there is an previous account already exist that is in saved passwords, cookies and the browser cache may have to be delete, so you’r able to login with the new account.

VMware registration customerc connect, complete this registration form

After the registration form has been filled out and submitted by entering the captcha code, an e-mail will be sent, click the Activate Now button in the opened e-mail to confirm and complete the registration.

Email Activate Now your account

After clicking Activate Now, the page opens where you can now sign in to VMware with the new account.

VMware Registration Complete Activation

Now go to Products and Accounts and Trial and Free Solutions.

VMware Products and Accounts und Trial and Free Solutions

just navigate to Downloads and Free Products Trials & Demos – vSphere

VMware Downloads Free Products Trials & Demos - vSphere

On the Prudukt selection, the product must be again registered.

VMware vSphere Hypervisor Download Center licensing - registration

By clicking on the Register button, the form with the user license agreement opens.

user license agreement-accept

Filling in and signing in opens the VMware vSphere Hypervisor 7.0 Download Center page they include the license information.

VMware vSphere Hypervisor Download Center License Key

The VMware vSphere Product Key now you can see in the License Information section on Component in the LICENSE KEY column. Use the Manual Download button to download the ESXi ISO image.