Help and general information belong content of this blog, which is written in English and German. The language is selected based on the browser setting; the language can also be selected with the language switch in the left sidebar.

Post text formatting in italics or bold stand for executable commands, or it is related to synonyms.

The highlighting of code is applied by the embedded Crayon Syntax Highlighter. The plugin from Aram Kocharyan offers a menu (top right) to copy and paste the code, or to open the code in a new window. The following options are possible via the menu bar by mouseover at the top of the code box.

Crayon Code Highlighter
Illustration: Crayon Code Box

Source code and scripts are shown in the syntax highlighting. The content is shown without a line break (CR / LF), long lines are wrapped and can be expanded to the right with the option to expand code (see above).

Illustration: Source Code Editor, Console Command

Executable commands and parameters for consoles are shown in black (dark terminal).

The instruction  Copy Paste indicates that the content of the codebox can be copied and pasted as specified.