How to Create Launcher Open Caja as Root on Mate desktop


How to Create Launcher to Open Caja as Root on Linux Mate desktop

Here in this post I show a way on how to create a launcher run as root on Mate desktop running on a virtual machine, I logged in to virtual desktop over vnc viewer, since newer Linux distos no longer include the ability of gksu and gksudo.

Before we create the launcher, some preparations have to be made, to do this with run the command below:

$ sudo cp ~/.Xauthority /root
$ echo "export XAUTHORITY=/home/<user>/.Xauthority" >> ~/.bashrc

  replace user with your real username.

Now create a new launcher with right-click on your desktop.

Open the drop-down menu and choose application in terminal, then insert the command:

sudo -H /usr/bin/caja

into the command field, like see in the screenshot below.

A double-click will open a terminal in here enter your password to gain root privileges able to run Caja as root.

Mate desktop with Matcha-sea theme on Fedora workstation 29

 Be aware of what you are doing, your action may now result in irrevocable malfunction or destruction of the system.

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