How to Creating ESXi Scratch Partition


Size of scratch partition <UUID> is too small. Recommended scratch partition size is 4096 MB

If this message is found in the Event Viewer of an ESXi host, a scratch partition should be created.

To do this, open the vSphere Web Client to create a directory.Loose ESXhost. Go to Storage and open the Browse context menu above the desired datastore, or click Datastore Browser.

Data Storage Browser – Create Scratch Directory

Then in the vSphere Web Client you navigate to:

Management > System > Advanced Settings

and enter the search term on the right side of the search box:
ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation . Then click on Option Edit and add the path to the previously created directory.

vSphere – ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation

By clicking on Create directory, for example, the Vereichnis .locker-ESXHost is created for the scratch partition.

Creating a scratch partition in the ESX shell

A scratch directory can also be created via the ESXi Shell Console, for example by opening an SSH terminal with KiTTY and creating a scratch directory via CLI.

mkdir /vmfs/volumes/5b2fb100-bbe22f82-fe22-ececc8968f68/.locker-ESXHost

  The path to the scratch directory must be specified with the UUID, here as an example /vmfs/volumes/datastore1 is the path /vmfs/volumes/5b2fb100-bbe22f82-fe22-ececc8968f68/.locker-ESXHost. The point at the beginning means that it is a hidden forgiveness, as is usual with unixoid systems.


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