How to query Computer Serial Number


Determine BIOS and serial number

The serial number can be useful for identifying computer hardware for inventory purposes, which is often written on a small sticker on the back of the device. We can also get this serial number from the BIOS configuration. For this purpose, the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class can be used Win32_Bios.

The serial number also provides information about the status of the manufacturer’s warranty. As there is the product warranty check at HPE here, or at Lenovo on the support website it is possible. The BIOS version and serial number to identify the computer when checking for software updates and appropriate drivers on the manufacturer’s websites.

Show Computer Serial Number

The query of the serial number using WMI class Win32_Bios from the Command Prompt:

wmic bios get serialnumber

The following command to output the BIOS version:

systeminfo | findstr BIOS version

BIOS – Serial number querying in PowerShell

PowerShell determines BIOS information and serial number as follows:

gwmi win32_bios

The following PowerShell command contains the serial number of the current computer:

Get-WMIObject Win32_Bios | Select-Object SerialNumber

The cmdlet retrieves the class win32_bios, from a CIM instance of the CIM server, and outputs the BIOS information.

get-ciminstance win32_bios

SMBIOSBIOSVersion : Q78 Ver. 01.09.01
Manufacturer : HP
Name : Q78 Ver. 01.09.01
SerialNumber : 5CG83629ZS
Version : HPQOEM - 0

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