How to use VIM on Windows 10


VIM for Windows 10

The VIM editor is considered the original rock under Linux and Unix and is the standard editor under POSIX, even Mac OS X gives us the VIM editor, which can be called from the terminal.

VIM on Windows 10

Vim (Vi IMproved) is an evolution of the vi. The free open source program was released in 1991 by Bram Moolenaar – a powerful syntax highlight editor, widely used by developers when working with code and scripts, who works with Regex expressions has a versatile tool with VIM, which is now more advanced editor is available for almost any operating system.

Unix admins who work with Windows do not have to do without the usual editor, here you can also help with VIM for Windows. VIM is best obtained right away from with Download – PC: MS-DOS and MS-Windows, who wants to can perform the installation automatically with the Self-installing executable Binary, or copy the Runtime files and the Win32 console executable itself into the path C:\Program Files (x86)\vim\vim80.

The VIM configuration file

The VIM configuration takes place via environment variables, the entries are inserted with the key Win + X under System -> Advanced System Settings -> environment variables, under System Variables the path is added, here it is C:\Program Files (x86)\vim\vim80, then add the variable VIM, as the value is entered C:\Program Files (x86).

VIM System Variables
VIM System Variabl

The configuration file _vimrc must come above the program folder to come under C:\Program Files (x86)\vim according to the value of the environment variable – VIM. If user setting, the file under the user profile path is at %USERPROFILE%.

With a symlink on VIM, the vi command becomes available. To do this, mklink from an administrator opened command prompt, use the Win + R = cmd key.

For example, _vimrc (starting with underscore) this must be for all users under C:gt;Program Files (x86)gt;vimgt;, if user settings are to apply, _vimrc comes to %USERPROFILE%.

VimTip: With a Windows Explorer context menu extension you can create an open with VIM Editor menu entry. This procedure is shown in my Post Explorer Expand Context Menu.

VIM Context Menu

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