Linux Top 20 Shell Commands


Linux command line examples from practice with 20 commonly used commands

You don’t want to see a complete list here, but there may be a start for some of the common Linux commands.

1. Translate ASCII character set to octal, decimal, and hexadecimal

Translate ASCII character set to octal, decimal, and hexadecimal with man ascii
man ascii

2. Output calendar to console

Calendar view 6 months with week number, cal -n 6 -w

Calendar view 6 months with week number

3. Edit binary hexadecimal in VIM

4. Compare two files

5. Find content in files recursively using find

6. Send a file as e-mail

7. Download multiple URLs from list

8. Remove duplicate lines with awk

Line output of /etc/passwd with the same uid and gid

9. Conversion from Windows/DOS (CR/LF) to Unix (LF) format

10. Recursive String Search in Files

11. How many CPMs does my computer have?

12. View Free Memory

13. View active processes

14. Create directory tree (tree)

15. Output Asterisk PBX Applications

16. Number of MTA emails identified by SPAM

17. How long does the computer run

18. Set time and date

19. Who am I and the effective user ID, UID and GID output

20. Output list of most recently logged in users

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