netstat at CentOS 7 minimal installation

How to get netstat on CentOS

CentOS contains only a little of the usual scope after the minimal installation, a number of system tools are missing, it seems at least, on closer inspection it becomes clear that they are only new commands, but the conventional tools can be installed afterwards.

One such tool is netstat, which is added as follows.

The whatprovides option can be used to determine which installation package contains the desired tool.

net-tools is a collection of basic network programs. If the net-tools package is installed, the following commands are available on the host:

The net-tools restore the availability of the outdated Linux network commands, the following table shows the outdated Linux commands and the new replacement commands:

Outdated commandsNew commands
Arpip n (ip neighbor)
Ifconfigip a (ip addr), ip link
iptunnelip tunnel
nameifip link
Netstatss -t (for netstat -t), ss -u (for netstat -u)
ip route (for netstat -r)
ip -s link (for netstat -i)
ip maddr (for netstat -g)
Routeip r (ip route)

ss – another utility to investigate sockets, ss is used to dump socket statistics. It allows showing information similar to netstat.

Example of using ss instead of netstat:

Likewise, a whois lookup can often provide useful information, for which whois must be installed:

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