Network Printer Management from Command Prompt

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry

printui.dll is an executable for automated printer configuration tasks with features used by the printer configuration dialog boxes. These functions can also be called from a script or command-line batch file, or run interactively through the command prompt.

printui.dll runs with rundll32.exe to provide tools for demanding tasks, add printers, manage, delete, and add network printer connection.

Open printer server properties

Open properties of printer server

Connect to the network printer:

The LaserJet network printer which is shared on the SERVER, is installed on the client computer and connected to the server.

Setup printer using driver INF-file:

/if Installs printer using the specified INF-file
/b Basic printer name AddressLabel
/f Path to the printer driver INF-file
/r Portname or IP address
/m Model name of the printer driver from the INF-file
/Z Share this printer, use only with option “/if”

Delete local printer driver:

/dd Deletes the local printer driver
/m Model name of the printer driver
/q Do not display possible error messages

Delete network printer connection:

/dn Deletes the network printer connection.
/n The name of the printer.

  Help on printui.dll is get with the following command in the command prompt.

Batch example:

Example add network printer connection use from Loginscript.

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