PowerShell Hands-On, for loop while loop $array


for loop and while loop in $array are often used including when working with PowerShell scripts. In this tutorial you will show most used example.

PowerShell Hands-On, for loop while loop $array

In the following four examples where array values are created in different loops, these are called up again using the ID

an array can look like this:

$array = @("seattle","paris","bangkok","tokio")
Write-Host $array[0,1,2,3]

Output values with For Loop Array:

The length of the array, or the number of stored values, is read out with $array.length. The variable ($i) serves as a counter to count when to exit the loop. A start value is assigned to the counter ($i=0).The start value should increase by 1 each time the loop passes ($i++) until the final value is reached. The final value is the length of the array ($array.length). When checking the final value, there is a condition: as long as $i is less than the number of values ($i -lt $array.length).

For loop

for ($i=0; $i -lt $array.length; $i++){
  Write-Host $array[$i] 

The For loop: for ($i=0; $i -lt $array.length; $i++)
Start value $i=0; The variable $i starts with a value of 0
is $i smaller (-lt) $i -lt $array.length condition: the For loop is executed as long as this condition is met: as long as the variable $i is less than $array.length, so as long as $i is less than 4. The action at the loop pass: $i++ means to increase the value of the variable $i by 1, with each pass of the loop $i increases by 1: 0 .. 1 .. 2 .. 3 …

while loop

while ($i -lt $array.length){
  Write-Host $array[$i] 

Example with starting value $i defined before the loop ($i=0)
while ($i -lt $array.length)

Within while is the condition for the loop pass, which loop wid does not leave as long as it is fulfilled:
$i -lt $array.length … as long as $i is smaller $array.length
The variable $i is incremented by 1 within the loop: $i++

Endless Loop

while can be used for an infinite loop as follows: with break, the infinite loop can be exited again. The following example goes through the loop until break is executed, this happens when $i is no longer less than 10:

while($true) {
  write-host $i
  if ($i -ge 10) {break}

do loop

  Write-Host $array[$i] 
} while ($i -lt $array.length)


foreach ($i in $array){
  Write-Host $i 

foreach ($i in $array) call all values of the array ($array). The variable $i contains the currently read value for each pass.

Operator Variations:
-gt greater than
-igt greater than, case-insensitive
-cgt greater than, case-sensitive
-ge greater than or equal
-ige greater than or equal, case-insensitive
-cge greater than or equal, case-sensitive
-lt less than
-ilt less than, case-insensitive
-clt less than, case-sensitive
-le less than or equal
-ile less than or equal, case-insensitive
-cle less than or equal, case-sensitive


In this tutorial you learn, how to use for loop and while loop in $array they are often used when working in PowerShell scripting.

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