Set MySQL root password to blank


How to set a blank MySQL root password?

In the terminal, first open MySQL with the root account.

$ sudo mysql

For some configurations, the following command may need to be executed, with root password entry.

$ mysql -u root -p

If you need to set an empty password for the root user, this can be created with this command.

MariaDB> SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = '';

If the password of an existing user is to be set to blank, the following ALTER USER command can be used.

MariaDB> ALTER USER 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '';

The following command creates a new user user and will set a blank password.

MariaDB> CREATE USER 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '';

Alternatively, mysqladmin can be used to empty the root password.

$ sudo mysqladmin -u root -pcurrent_password password ''

Note. MySQL can also be managed easily and clearly in the phpMyAdmin graphical web interface.

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