Backslash on Mac keyboard


How do I find the backslash on the Mac keyboard

Find Backslash on the Mac keyboard with German Layout ?
This requires a key combination consisting of three buttons. The dedicated Mac user now probably wonders why I need a backslash – exactly, under macOS you simply don’t need backslash, but if you use a virtual Windows machine, or you work in the company via RDS on a Windows terminal server, then it can happen that you have to access a CIFS share, just several backslashs are needed, for example, to perform access to windows share using windows explorer like \\srv01\fileshare.

On the Mac Keyboard, the backslash is hidden behind a keyboard shortcut:


  • Press [alt] and hold the button.
  • In addition, press the [Shift] key and hold it down as well.
  • Press the button [7] WOW here’s the backslash!

How do I find the At sign on the Mac keyboard

For the Mac keyboard, the At-sign is hidden [@] behind the simple keyboard shortcut:


As follows you can see below.

How do I find the backslash on the Mac keyboard.

The keyboard layout shown here is Swiss German, with German Standard the At [@] and backslash is also under the same key.

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