Windows view file extensions


How to make file extensions in Explorer visible

For Windows 10, the file extensions are hidden by default, settings are in control panel – File Explorer Options – Advanced Settings:

Hide extensions for known file types

The file extension is often used to identify the format of a file. For example: name.txt indicates a text file. Modern Windows versions do not know the limitation of file names, like the 8.3 convention known by MS-DOS (8 characters file name, 3 characters extension). In Windows 10, the default setting is that all file extensions known to the system are hidden in Explorer. This fact is exploited by various malware programs. To make the file extension visible, go to the Explorer options in the Control Panel, or call up File Explorer Options directly.

Press the Win + R key to open Run, enter control folders and click OK.

In the File Explorer Options, the setting for file extensions can be hidden or displayed in the View Tab.

Hide extensions for known file types

Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and click OK. Any files are now displayed with extensions.

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