Kopano WebApp circle rotates endlessly in Firefox



If you try to authenticate via the Kopano WebApp 3.5.2 from Mozilla Firefox 95 under Windows, an animation with rotating circle appears after entering user and password, the circle continues to rotate non-stop, the page stops and it doesn’t go any further, after pressing the F5key or Ctrl+R (Refresh) authentication resume successfully.


The browser performs a Javascript function that sends a fingerprint (special ID) to the server (at the login request) and later when logging in, the server checks the fingerprint for compliance. Mozilla Firefox (version 94.0.2 / 95.02 64bit) distinguishes the second fingerprint from the first. With Firefox on Linux, the behavior was not detected and does not seem to be known.


The workaround/solution is to remove the Arial Narrow font from Javascript, so that the fingerprint does not change. To do this, edit the Java file fingerprint.js.

$ nano /usr/share/kopano-webapp/client/fingerprint.js

Delete the text Arial Narrow; (marked in red) (Arial Black; Bodoni MT).

After removing “Arial Narrow” from Javascript, the session fingerprint is no longer changed, the login passed successful.

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