THINK UNBLOG is a dedicated Think Tank and Knowledge Network to providing Tutorials, HowTos, Workaround und DevOps Code. The posts are made on demand contributed by professionals they bring their know-how and engagement for contributions as tutorials and how-to’s. The content of the posts is subject to high requirements, and the methods shown have been processed and tested by the authors. Nevertheless, errors and deviations cannot be ruled out.

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Promotion and application for interoperability and data convergence for processes and automation. Application of open source based solutions. RFC (Request for Comments) Standardized independent implementations, for manufacturer-independent and cross-system technology. Know-how transfer for analytical and solution-oriented processes.

Themen Kategorien:
  • DevOps: Tutorials for DevOps & Scripting
    (build docker engines deploying containers)
  • Linux: GNU/Linux Howto’s and Tutorials
    (Debian Linux Mint Ubuntu Fedora)
  • Synology: Synology Tutorials & Enhancements
    (Manage DSM on DiskStaion & Rackstations)
  • VMware: Virtualization advanced workarounds
    (VMware Hypervisor ESXi – VMware Workstation)
  • Windows Apps: Windows Application Integrations
    (Windows 10 – Windows 11 – Office – Visual Studio)
  • Windows Services: Windows Service Integrations
    (Windows Server Core – Windows Server Standard)
  • Exchange Services: Exchange Service Integration
    (Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise)
  • Business Intelligence: SQL Business Intelligence
    (MS SQL Server Standard – Enterprise – SSAS SSRS)
  • WordPress: WordPress Usability and Addons
    (WordPress & Plugins fixing hardening)
  • Workaround: Howto’s & troubleshootings
    (various OS – tools – scripts – troubleshootings)