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Microsoft Edge browser. Use of this browser is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software.

Cloud spell checking in Edge and Chrome

Privacy Compliance:
Turn off cloud provided spell checking

The browsers on the Chromium rendering have a basic, purely local spelling aid and extended spell checking with the help of online services. The texts entered in web apps are transferred to the cloud. This can be disabled interactively or using Group Policy.

More and more modern applications are web apps, including those that process sensitive data. In this case, companies usually do not want them to enter the cloud uncontrollably for spelling correction.

Google Chrome defaults to basic local spell checking, while Microsoft Edge defaults to Microsoft Editor. This not only initiates the spell checking in the cloud, but also a grammar check and suggests improvements.

Microsoft Edge Basic spell checking

The setting can be changed with: edge://settings/languages
Use writing assistance Set to Basic.

Microsoft Edge Settings Use writing assistance
Microsoft Edge: Settings Use writing assistance

Google Chrome Basic spell check

In Chrome, as expected, the corresponding option is under Settings – Languages chrome://settings/languages under Spell check there Select Basic spell check .

Google Chrome setting Language Basic spell check
Google Chrome: Settings Spell check Basic spell check

If you want to do without the use of spelling correction in the cloud, then in addition to activating the local mode, it should also be prevented that the users can not change this configuration again. Both browsers offer a setting for this in Group Policy.

For Microsoft Edge, under Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates, this is > Microsoft Edge and the spell checker provided by Microsoft Editor. Disabling them prevents writing assistance in the cloud.

Google Chrome disable the cloud provided spell check under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates policies > Google > Google Chrome and Spell Check Web Service set to disable.

Share Edge Browser Link via Email

How to Share Browser Link from Microsoft Edge via Email

Edge is Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser that replaces the previous versions of Edge since January 2020. Although Edge is now based on Google’s Chrome, it differs from Google’s Chrome browser in a number of features. Microsoft gives us in Edge Browser the shares via e-mail function, which is known not to present in Google Chrome. There you have to use an extension to add, more about here.

In Microsoft Edge, go to the settings via the three dots in the menu bar. Then go to Share and choose the Default mail app. Now opening an Outlook mail, in which the page title with link to the website. As well as the text is inserted as the subject. If you use another mail client, the corresponding program is started.

Share Edge Browser Link via Email

With Shares, a set of predefined applications and social media appears.

Microsoft Edge choose Share with email

After selecting Default Mail App, the Outlook email opens with the page title and the link to the web page.

Share Edge Browser Link via Email

Under Email to myself, you can add an recipient by clicking on +, but the mail application installed on the computer does not start here as expected. Instead the website opens with registration to the Microsoft account, depending on which subscription you have, Office 365 or the web mail from outlook.com opens.


It is therefore also possible in microsoft edge to share an link of a website via an e-mail with mailto. This means that it is no longer necessary to insert the link into an e-mail using copy paste.