Website Link Send via Email with Google Chrome


The possibility to send a link of an opened website to someone via e-mail is searched in vain in Google Chrome. The menu bar in Google Chrome is not provided and can therefore not be customized, so the only remedy is to add an extension.

How to Share Link via e-mail
using Google Chrome

All functions of the menu bar are located in the Google Chrome menu, which can be opened to the right of the address bar by pressing on the three dots, then go to More Tools => Extensions => Open Chrome Web Store (bottom left) to enter “safavi mailto” in the search field at the magnifying glass.

Add extension mailto from Chrome Web Store
Figure: Google Chrome extension mailto

The Google Chrome extension can also be found via QR code.

QR Code Add Google Chrome mailto extension

Add the Google Chrome extension mailto, scan with QR code, or via the link here.

After the extension is added in Chrome, the mailto icon in the menu bar can be pinned. By clicking on the puzzle icon at the top right, the drop-down menu opens.

Google Chrome Extension pinning to menu bar

Click on the Pin here at mailto, so that the mailto symbol in the menu bar remains pinned.

Website Link Send via e-mail using Google Chrome

Now the context menu can be opened with the mouse over the opened website with right-click to then select mailto, alternatively the mailto icon in the Chrome menu bar can be selected.


It is therefore also possible in Google Chrome to send the URL of a website in an e-mail. This means that it is no longer necessary to insert the URL into an e-mail using Copy Paste.

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