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Virtual Network Computing, kurz VNC, ist eine Software, die den Bildschirminhalt eines entfernten Rechners (Server) auf einem lokalen Rechner

Run Nano as root in vnc session

How to Run Nano File Manager as root in a VNC Session

In this post I show how to run Nano file manager as root in a VNC session. I’m using a Fedora Cinnamon Spin to this logged in as an common user via VNC viewer.

Fire up a terminal and insert the command below at the end of .bashrc by hit nano ~/.bashrc

export XAUTHORITY=/home/vncuser/.Xauthority

 this example use vncuser, enter your username instead.

close the terminal and re-open again, hit the command line below to run nemo as root:


As the video shows below.

could not acquire name on session bus

VNCSERVER – could not acquire name on session bus

 If you see this message, then your VNC configuration is incorrect or not complete!

could not acquire name on session bus


cause deployment of user environment that not performed automatically during installation process of vncserver.


See this tutorial here in this blog, it shows the complete installation of vncserver suitable for most known distributions.